Vision solutions - Development support

We support our customers to achieve their smart vision product goals by providing development support. Using our AI/ML hardware and software capabilities along with our development support , you can go to market faster and with clear technical and cost advantage.

ASIC/FPGA Design services

We are experts in SoC development. Our ASIC design services include SoC architecture support, SoC integration with various processor subsystems, high performance DMAs and IP components such as PCI-E, USB3, Hardware Acceleration cores, Encryption engines, DDR, Wireless-Modems etc.  We have expertise in FPGA prototyping, Low-power design and advanced verification methodologies. We also provide device driver and system software development services to allow complete SoC bring-up with peripheral IPs.

Turn-key computer vision projects

We provide turn-key project support by integrating our vision solutions with various other technologies. Our expertise in product making, system integration and key technologies such as multi-sensor fusion, wireless/wired communication , security mechanisms etc. helps us to deliver a turn-key projects in a fast turnaround time with high quality. 

Platform customization

Platform customization is important in Deep learning based vision solutions. We provide Deep learning training and data base creation to improve accuracy and reliability of your vision solution. In addition we help to do platform customization to clearly fit to your Price, form-factor, performance and Power requirements.

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