Computer Robot


Camera Surveillance

Deep learning based video analytics solutions for surveillance applications. The solutions  help in detecting suspicious objects and activities in real time and gather vital information for quick response and storage .


The smart traffic camera solutions  enhance traffic control by detecting violations and analyzing traffic related information in real time.  They detect license plate and identity with great accuracy and report to authorities.



Our camera based fleet management and driver monitoring systems (IVMS) helps in addressing driver recognition, driver drowsiness  monitoring, seat-belt violations and in-car activity  monitoring.

Electronic Circuit Board

Westghats is a technology company providing solutions and services in Deep learning based smart vision and semiconductor chip domains. We have a portfolio of intellectual properties (IPs) and reference designs to enable customers in achieving their product goals in these domains.


We specialize in enabling Deep learning based high accuracy video analytics capabilities to systems in embedded form factor. The company has an elaborate set of technologies to address the challenging needs of next generation smart vision applications in surveillance, smart retail, automotive fleet management, industrial automation and smart city applications. We enable systems and solution providers in these domains with reference designs based on optimal smart vision reference designs.

Our silicon IP portfolio include Neural processing (NPU) and computer vision (VPU) IP cores, hardware encryption cores, RISC-V IP cores, Advanced DMAs and system fabrics. We enable chip makers in achieving their SoC goals with our IPs and IP enabled design services such as Architecture support, RTL development support, rapid FPGA prototyping, device driver development, IP integration, SoC verification and validation.


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